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Because Every Person Matters... 

Dear Friends and service users! We are proud to announce another successful project! This time we will be running a project with Starostwo Powiatowe Oświęcim from Poland

''Creative drama and my life''

The project participants will be young people who initiated the project in collaboration with the project partners. The main objective of the project is to create new areas for youth development through the inclusion of charges for activities in the field of intercultural and non formal education. In addition, it is crucial to also raise awareness of participants around integration, promoting equality, multiculturalism, promoting intercultural awareness through the use of drama. Significant aim is to promote the idea of a united Europe, among others, unity, development, integration and diversity.

The project includes a number of measures used in non-formal education, among others, theater workshops with drama, group work, exchange of experiences, active participation of youth in the implementation of exchanges, learn from each other, discussions, games and integration.

In the modern world, ruled by money, exploitative and unhealthy competition, the young generation, lost in meeting the ever new expectations, have a chance through drama to look inside yourself and see other without masks, without playing, without lies, without fear. It is necessary to build self-esteem, making a sincere friendship, to build lasting and satisfying relationships and find their own place in life.

Two meetings of participants with Polish and British consecutive to a small interval will allow intensive learning new things, learning, strengthening intercultural education and inclusion by raising awareness of their own "I" in the context of national identity and integration with the EU. High mobility and international cooperation will help to build a '' spirit of a united Europe across geographical. 

What a great end of 2016!!!!

Well done Everyone