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UK - Butterflies LTD non profit organisation                REGISTERED AT UK Register of Learning Providers

Registration number of Learning Providers in the UK (UKPRN) is 10066595


1 Day Conference 16.05.18

Title of the project: „I chose consciously - innovative tools to build a career path”

Period of the project: 01.09.2016 -31.08.2018


1 Day International Conference Invitation 16th May 2018 

Nowadays rapid changes on the labor market and unemployment among young people has become a challenge and idea for us to create the project.

Teenagers, especially those in education need a knowledge that will enable them to make the right decisions, prepare young people to active search of work and shape their career, help them to improve their skills, identify their needs and opportunities offered by the modern education system with its various forms of education (formal, informal, non-formal, NQF, EQF) will help them to recognize personal resources and exploit the potential to build their own career path.

Pupils in Poland are insufficiently developed key competencies do not have a sufficient number of activities to support their development. Perform below the average of OECD countries (data test PISA IV 2014 - 15-year-olds in Poland) in basic skills (mathematics, science and nature, and the ability to read and write). For this reason through this project we want to identify more innovative and effective teaching methods, which will change this situation. Pupils aged 12-18 do not have access to the latest knowledge in the field of multidisciplinary solution of problems and information - guidance on the development of key competences - with particular emphasis on mathematics and natural sciences, reading and writing. Teachers and teaching staff are looking for modern and interesting teaching materials for young people on this field. Looking at the facts the Leader has diagnosed a main issue, key problem - the lack of tools adapted to the changing current economy towards highly innovative.

Together with partners they have analyzed this issue in the partners` countries and defined the lack of a comprehensive solution to this problem. This confirms the diagnosis in the European Commission report on the priorities of education in the Europe 2020 Strategy: 20% of 15-year-olds in the EU have poor results in reading, math and science - a new priority (2.3) is to develop appropriate and accurate new digital tools for young people .

The main target of the strategic partnership is to develop innovative intercultural and interdisciplinary multimedia tools in key competencies area. All tools will be easy accessible on a common, dedicated to school youth advisory platform.

Selected areas are part of the key competencies from the point of view of the labor market: natural science area, math, science and literacy in the Strategy for the Development of Human Capital 2020, National Development Strategy 2030, Action Plan for the Development of Entrepreneurship in 2020 the European Commission and the latest modified priorities in education Europe 2020 (October 2015). The main priority is to strengthen and develop these competencies, which will contribute to the development of professional competencies of young people in line with their predispositions.

Development of this innovative project "I choose consciously: innovative tools to build a career path" involves gathering in one place (advisory platform):

- Package of educational tools targeted at schoolchildren, which will apply to the parallel target groups (teachers, educators, students, parents) consisting of 6 video theme games (with particular emphasis on mathematics and natural sciences, reading and writing) and 6 multimedia educational projects - interdisciplinary.

The project involves the development of a universal results. The involvement of international partners will develop products that will be able to be used and will be used in the partner countries. Developed products will be useful for customers regardless of their place of residence, which at today's educational and professional mobility is of paramount importance.

Implementation of the project will proceed in two stages:

STAGE I: Developing innovative multimedia tools for the youth in the field of career counseling and development of key competences.

In the first stage will be developed innovative solutions in the field of modern methods of learning and cooperation schoolchildren on the third and fourth stage of education (according to the Polish classification) by developing substantive and technological modern tools for school youth. For the production of materials will be involved experts and students in each of the countries of the Partnership.

STAGE II: Validation developed educational materials and disseminating.

During this stage developed tools will be tested in schools, modified after evaluation and validation. There are planned 3 dissemination events (conferences and seminars).

The results of intellectual work:

1. The platform developed consulting with games and educational projects down for youth

2. Modern digital tools

3. Scenarios substantive educational games and project

The impact of the project will not end with the closure of its implementation. Developed platform dedicated to consulting and innovative electronic teaching materials will be available after implementation of.

Project co-funded under the European Union Programme Erasmus +"

The Leader of the project

Eduexpert Poland

Partners of the project

UK-Butterflies United Kingdom

Sistema Turismo Italy