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UK - Butterflies LTD non profit organisation                REGISTERED AT UK Register of Learning Providers

Registration number of Learning Providers in the UK (UKPRN) is 10066595

1.10.2019 Update 09.2019: Completion of The Future of Learning project

On September 30th, 2019, the partnership project under the Erasmus + program The Future of Learning as part of a strategic partnership for adult education has been completed.

The Consortium consisted of 3 partners from 3 EU countries:

Nowe Motivations Sp. z o.o., Krakow, Poland - project leader.

INSTITUT INPRO. a.s., Praha, Czech Republic.

UK Butterflies LTD, Bradford, United Kingdom.

We thank all persons and institutions for their support during the project implementation.

At the same time, we invite you to use the developed products dedicated to adult education and support at work and activities of educators and trainers.

We invite you to the platform

See you in future projects!

The project team

11.2018: Commencement and development works as part of the O2 result

Please be advised that together with our partners, in August 2018 we started working under the O2 result on the final version of the apps created in the Project area. A schedule of activities was set up, preceded by the preparation of specifications and technical assumptions of the project, as well as the division of work into project sprints in the agile methodology. A prototype / UX model was created, on the basis of which further views of the app/ platform are currently being created as part of the programming work. The progress of works is checked on a regular basis, including the form of usability tests carried out by both the Project Leader and his partners.

06.2018: Research Report

Below we present the Research Report developed as part of the O1 result of the ‘’The Future of Learning’’ project together with our British and Czech partners. The research has been carried out over many months, in several groups ( Employees of companies, supervisors, trainers). The report comprehensively describes the current reality of the labor market and the development market of employee competencies, especially in the context of the use of new technologies.

03.2018: 2nd international project meeting

In March 2018, the second project meeting of the ''The Future of Learning'' initiative took place. The place was chosen due to the convenient air transport for the Beneficiary and both Partners. The purpose of the meeting was to check-in the project ''The Future of Learning'' a few months after its start, to discuss the actions taken by all parties, and to discuss the tasks carried out so far.

The main topic of the project meeting was the presentation of the current work on the side of the Beneficiary and Partners. The course and results of tasks as part of the needs research - focus groups, online survey, in-depth interviews, as well as desk research - are discussed.

Then, the Beneficiary presented to the Partners next steps in the project: development of substantive content ranges for the web and mobile apps, an idea for development works and a schedule of development works leading to the beta version

of the platform. Technical aspects of software testing were also discussed. At the end, the date of the next project meeting and its place - Prague, the headquarters of the Czech partner - was determined.

11.2017: Invitation to participate in research

As part of the beginning O1 result, i.e. research on the competences of adults and their needs, we invite you to take part in the survey. Its results will be the basis for creating technological solutions within the project.

Polish version of the survey/ Polska wersja ankiety

English version of the survey/ Angielska wersja ankiety

10.2017: International meeting in Krakow, project kick-off

The first project meeting of the "The Future of Learning" project was organised by the Beneficiary, Nowe Motywacje, at its headquarters in Krakow. At the meeting, the Beneficiary and its partners in the project - Institut InPro, a.s from the Czech Republic

and UK Butterflies LTD from United Kingdom – familarised themselves with the general project presentation, which introduced them into a two-year project.

The content of the presentation focused on the general idea and the thesis accepted by the Beneficiary, and subjected to prior discussions with partners during negotiations and setting partnership goals before joining the project and when writing a project application.

The beneficiary discussed the general assumptions, the purpose of the project, the effect (improving the quality of education and the emergence of changes in the adult training market), as well as individual stages of the project over two years and the initial role of partners in the project.