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1.10.2019 Update 09.2019: Completion of The Future of Learning project

On September 30th, 2019, the partnership project under the Erasmus + program The Future of Learning as part of a strategic partnership for adult education has been completed. 

The Consortium consisted of 3 partners from 3 EU countries:

Nowe Motivations Sp. z o.o., Krakow, Poland - project leader.

INSTITUT INPRO. a.s., Praha, Czech Republic.

UK Butterflies LTD, Bradford, United Kingdom.

We thank all persons and institutions for their support during the project implementation.

At the same time, we invite you to use the developed products dedicated to adult education and support at work and activities of educators and trainers.

We invite you to the platform

See you in future projects!

The project team

Title of the project: ''The future of learning''

Transnational Project Number/ agreement: 2017-1-PL01-KA204-038721

Funded by Erasmus+

We are happy to annouce that we are the part of another project 

funded by Erasmu+. 

The consortium of the project is : 

Nowe Motywacje Sp. z o.o., Kraków, Polska – lider projektu

INSTITUT INPRO. a.s., Praha, Czech Republic

UK Butterflies LTD, Bradford - United Kingdom - partner. 

Detailed project objective:

- increasing the competences of adults using non-formal education and educators themselves by developing applications that allow them to continually improve their competences,

- increased knowledge about the needs and expectations of innovative tools in non-formal education

- improve the availability of educational tools that facilitate the use of non-formal education using mobile applications.

Each partner works in the field of adult non-formal education and therefore has the appropriate expertise to achieve the intended outcomes and project indicators. The innovative nature of the project will focus primarily on mobile solutions that will be used in many non-formal adult education processes and will help with learning and enrich the array of opportunities and tools for educator work.

Project results will be disseminated through planned activities within the project and after completion of By dissemination conferences in 3 countries, mailing information on project results, EPALE information on the project and its results, and information and materials on partner websites.

The developed tools will greatly support the non-formal education market as innovative, new forms of working with adults. 

The advantage of the tools will be the ability to use them outside the place of stationary learning, adjusting the amount of time devoted to learning to their own time-ability during the day, or the merits and high quality.